USC Fall Showcase

2024 Salute to Troy - TBD

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2023 Salute to Troy

50th Anniversary 1973 USC Football Team

1973 50th Anniversary USC Football Team

25th Anniversary 1998 USC Football Team

1998 25th Anniversary USC Football Team

Sights from Salute to Troy 2023

2019 Salute to Troy

USC 2019 Anniversary Teams
1994 25th Anniversary Team
1969 50th Anniversary Team
2009 10th Anniversary Team

In case you missed our Kickoff Pre-Party, below are photos from some of the past years. Enjoy!


Check out the photos from the 2017 Kickoff Pre-party. Honoring the 1967 National Championship and 1992 Anniversary Teams.


Check out the photos from the 2016 Kickoff Pre-party. Honoring the 1966 and 1991 Anniversary Teams.


Check out the photos from the 2015 Kickoff Pre-party. Honoring the 1965 and 1990 Anniversary Teams.


Check out the photos from the 2014 Kickoff Pre-party. Honoring the 1964 and 1989 Anniversary Teams.