Heritage Tunnel - Nov. 18, 2023

The Tunnel is made up of former Trojan Football players, Coaches, Trainers and Managers to Salute our Seniors as they enter the Coliseum to play their last football game there.
Let's make sure we give these Seniors their proper send off and "Thank You" as they transition from a current player to a TFAC Member.

The Athletic Department and The Trojan Football Alumni Club would like to continue the "Heritage Tunnel" tradition at this year's Notre Dame game.

Be Part of the Tunnel

TFAC Heritage Tunnel entrance
  • Game Time ---
  • Location to pick up Heritage Tunnel Wristbands and TFAC Lanyards (required)--- Gate 29
  • 2023 T-Shirts are required - cost is TBD
  • The Gate will be manned 4 Hours prior to Kick Off - and closed down 45 minutes prior to Kick Off!
    We will be using our latest membership roster assisting a Athletic Department Staff member with verifying and issuing wrist bands.
  • Football Alumni must pick up their own Wrist Bands --- and --- Have ID's with them.
  • 1/2 hour prior to kick-off - all Alumni must be up in the Tunnel and will go onto the field with the ropes when the band leaves the field.
  • Game Management will be identifying all players prior to being allowed through the gate. You MUST BE WEARING the issued TFAC T-shirt and Heritage Tunnel Wristband.

Need a UCLA Ticket?

  • All Trojan Football Alumni Club Members who are not "Season Ticket" holders can purchase two (2) Notre Dame game tickets.
  • Tickets can be ordered TBD
    (2) two tickets per Football Alumni
    $TBD per ticket
    Seats are in Sections TBD
  • Call the Ticket Office at: (213) 740-4672
  • Code is: TBD
  • The Ticket Office has our Membership Roster which will be used to cross check the caller's eligibility to purchase tickets.
  • The Deadline to ORDER tickets is end of the business day TBD. IF THEY LAST