Heritage Tunnel - TBD
Notre Dame vs USC

The Tunnel is made up of former Trojan Football players, Coaches, Trainers and Managers to Salute our Seniors as they enter the Coliseum to play their last football game there.
Let's make sure we give these Seniors their proper send off and "Thank You" as they transition from a current player to a TFAC Member.

The Athletic Department and The Trojan Football Alumni Club would like to continue the "Heritage Tunnel" tradition at this year's Notre Dame game.

How the TFAC Heritage Tunnel access will work:

  • Location to pick up your Pre-game Wrist Bands and Heritage Tunnel Shirt will be inside the stadium .   (Please see attached map for location !)
  • Pre-game wristbands will be picked up inside the stadium by the Peristyle in front of the Tommy’s Tavern Tailgate.  (Please see attached map for location !)
  • All pre-registered Football Alumni will be able to enter the Stadium through GATE #1 three (3) hours prior to kick off if you would like to have access to the TAF Tailgate “Tommy’s Tavern”.   Please have your ID
  • The attendants at GATE #1 will have a list of those Football Alumni the RSVP'd .  This list will match the list at the Pre-game table and the Heritage Tunnel Shirt table inside the Stadium . Please have your ID
  • The Athletic Department will have a group of tables reserved within Tommy’s Tavern for TFAC members to utilize. Tommy’s Tavern is a space to hang out with food and drinks available for purchase. (Please see attached map for location !)
  • There is no reentry into the stadium, once someone scans their game ticket to enter the Coliseum to pick up the pre-game field passes they cannot leave the stadium. This is why we are providing access to Tommy’s Tavern.
  • Heritage Tunnel Shirts can be picked up starting 90 minutes before kickoff.  Shirts are Free!
  • Pre-game field passes can be picked up starting 90 minutes to kick off .
  • Football Alumni wanting to participate in the Heritage Tunnel should pick up their pregame sideline pass at least an hour before kick-off since they need to be by the tunnel 45 minutes before kick-off.  The Tunnel will be formed earlier this year than in past years.
  • The Gameday Management Team will have an area sectioned off near the tunnel on the South Side of the field for Football Alumni to gather in advance of the tunnel. Only football alumni will have access to this area.
  • The Heritage Tunnel is for Football Alumni only , no one else will be allowed to go out onto the field .
  • Football alumni are being asked to wear the Heritage Tunnel Shirt of either a black or cardinal TFAC/USC shirt .
2023 Heritage Tunnel Access