Fellow Football Alumni,
We are in our 66th year and are as strong as ever, your Board of Directors (BOD) have been involved in sponsoring:
  • Scholarship to a Graduating Seniors not going to the NFL
  • Community Outreach (career fairs) to local Junior High Students
  • Heritage Tunnel
  • Just Because Dinner @ Phil Trani's
  • Golf tournament fundraiser to sponsor the above events
We hope the COVID crisis will subside in 2022 and we can resume the Spring BBQ or Summer Kickoff BBQ again.

Fight On!
Steve Martin
USC Football  1978

Board of Directors

  • President: Steve Martin
  • Vice President: Rick “Truck” Miller
  • Treasurer: Kevin McPartland
  • Secretary: Dexter Levy
  • Executive Director: Scott Capone
  • Mike Burns
  • Lynn Cain
  • Mike Carey
  • Eric Childs
  • Dave Crawley
  • Peter Damascus
  • George Follett
  • Dave Farmer
  • Doug Hogan
  • Gary Jennison
  • Ron Johnson
  • Frank Jordon
  • Tim Lavin
  • Dean Lingerfelter
  • Dale Logie
  • Mike McGirr
  • Rod McNeill
  • Dan Morovick
  • Danny Reece
  • Mark Spino
  • Jack Tingley

TFAC Committees

Awards - Chair: Lavin
Board Meeting Coordinator - Chair:
By-Laws - Chair: McPartland
Event Speakers - Chair: open
Fall Banquet - Chair: McPartland
Finance - Chair: Martin

Golf Tournament - Chair: Capone/Spino
Heritage Tunnel - Chair: Spino
Heritage Tunnel Shirts - Chair: Lavin
Homecoming - Chair: open
Insurance - Chair: Brown
Membership - Chair: Capone
Memorial - Chair: Spino


Promotional Items/Apparel - Chair: Lavin
Salute to Troy - Chair: open
Spring Game - Chair: open
Spring Practice BBQ - Chair: open
Tailgate - Chair: open
TFAC Connect/ Database - Chair: Capone
Web Site - Chair: Capone

Want to get involved?

The Trojan Football Alumni Club board meets monthly through out the year to discuss, plan, recap and continue the clubs heritage. If you are interested in getting involved, please click below to fill out the contact form.